Ladies-Only Spa with a contemporary Asian Feel that has been specially designed to ensure complete privacy with an exotic atmosphere.


  • ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive 20 minutes before your appointment. Your treatment will finish at the scheduled time without time extension.
  • LATE ARRIVAL: Delay in your arrival time will not be added to the treatment to accommodate next booking.
  • RESERVATION: Please Pre-Book 1-2 days in advance.
  • CANCELLATION: Please call us at least 4 hours before your treatment time.
  • REFUND: Once 10 min from treatment has passed, refund request will not be accepted.
  • NO VALUABLES: Please do not bring valuables to the spa. Kindly lock your belongings in the designated locker.
  • LOST ITEMS: Make sure you empty your locker upon departure. The Management Will Not Be Responsible for lost items nor will attend claims.
  • NO MOBILE & NO SMOKING: Smoking and Mobiles are strictly PROHIBITED in the spa (even if set on silent mode). That is to guarantee the privacy and harmony of the spa.
  • HEALTH DECLARATIONS: Please fill your consultation card in full details. Kindly notify us if you have high blood pressure, any major surgeries, pregnant, skin allergies or if you have any other health-related issue at the reception. You are wholly responsible for your physical fitness.